Danville, KY Family Home Providers

Beth & Brian - Danville, KY

Hello!  We are Beth and Brian Marlowe and we live in Danville, Kentucky.  We have lived in our current home for 20 years and just celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary.  We have two grown daughters, Maggie who is 29 and Sarabeth who is 26.  They are both married to wonderful men Matt and Jack.  I tell you all of this because they come around often.  We have a very loving (but sometimes loud) family who enjoy game nights, escape rooms, theater, music, art, and all things fun! We also have a small rescue dog named Mickey.  He is a special little guy who also brings us all a lot of joy! 

We are incredibly excited to join Lifeworks. We consider it a blessing to have the opportunity to open our home to others who want to come alongside a family who loves life and each other!