Our participants experience family household routines, holidays, vacations and a variety of fulfilling experiences. They learn what it means to be an integral part of a home and family. This naturalized living environment provides an opportunity to acquire new skills, improve on or retain present skills and explore new experiences. For many participants this is an opportunity to develop an extended family and for others develop family relationships they have never had. Residing with an FHP offers a level of security and stability that is key to the achievement of personal goals and dreams.  

Why live with a Family Home Provider?

Reason #1

Living in a family environment! Families come in all shapes and sizes, with many various backgrounds. Whether you want to live with a couple, single male or female, a home with or without pets, or children of various ages the FHP environment gives you multiple options. With an FHP, participants are included in all aspects of life from day to day living to shopping, holidays, vacations and everything in between.

Reason #2

Increased Independence! Our participants have many strengths and skills and our FHPs are there to help them develop the ability to be as independent as they choose and can be while learning and enjoying all aspects of daily life. FHPs help provide independence and encouragement for everyday life.

Reason #3

Security & Stability! Our participants enjoy the security and stability of living in a family environment where they do not have multiple caregivers changing daily but rather just the one or two family members they live with. They give consistent companionship and assist in growth for people to be more valued and productive in their communities. FHPs are a constant support system.