Lexington, KY Family Home Providers

Magnie & Pascal - Lexington, KY

Hi, we are Magnie and Pascal! We are excited to open our home as FHPs and welcome someone new into our lives. We are a quiet, Christian family who enjoy going to church every Sunday. We enjoy many things from watching movies and football to eating out, shopping, traveling and exploring new things!

Sorie & Zainab-Lexington, KY

Hi, my name is Sorie and this is my wife Zainab. We love to travel and have visited many places including New York, North Carolina, Ohio, and Tennessee. We enjoy barbequing on weekends and spending time with family and friends alike. We also enjoy shopping, going to the movies, and trying different restaurants. I really enjoy watching UK basketball and the Kentucky Derby!

Elisha - Lexington, KY

My name is Elisha and I am from a large family with 7 boys. I was Democratic Republic of Congo. I was always surrounded with a very loving and caring family. After moving to the United States my first job in 2013 was providing care for adults with special needs as a DSP for several companies here in town. Since then I earned my SRNA certification and worked with the state of Kentucky for 2 years. In 2018 I joined Life Works as a Family Home Provider. For me, being an FHP gives me the opportunity to be a brother and mentor for others, welcoming them into my family.

I am a member of Rehoboth Community Church. I love working out and spending time outdoors. One of my best moments is when I get to see the smile on my clients’ faces when we travel to places that are on my clients’ wish list.

Maurice & Teresa-Lexington, KY

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Edine - Lexington, KY

Hi my name is Edine. I was born and raised in Haiti. I came to America in 2001 and I studied nursing. Now I’m a registered nurse and currently working for Select Specialty hospital. I have one child who is my pride and joy and also my mini me. My passion is to help people do better for themselves. I take pride and honor in knowing I’m able to serve others with their needs. I’m a great listener, I’m compassionate, and definitely have a upbeat and contagious friendly personality. I decided to provide FHP services in my home because I love caring for others and I felt like it was the right thing to do to open my home to those who are in need of a great friendly, Christian based type of environment.

There’s never a dull moment in my home with my extra family. I have learned so much and so have they. I enjoy each one of them because they are truly part of my family now. It has been a great journey so far and hopefully continuously.

Mariama & Fabakary - Lexington, KY

My name is Mariama. I am married and live with my husband, Fabakary. I was born in The Gambia, West Africa. My husband and I both love helping and caring for others, especially those with special needs. Having worked for many years as a caregiver, the choice to be a FHP and provide a family style home to others was a very easy decision for me. I am funny, humble, love to cook and love going out in the community to have fun.

Sulayman - Lexington, KY

My name is Sulayman and I have been a Family Home Provider since 2016. I have been a caretaker for many years, first joining The Red Cross at an early stage in life. I had the opportunity to help people who were sick and suffering during natural disasters like fires and floods and participate in fundraising activities. I also visited the sick in hospitals and assisted them with their ADLs. Coming to America, gave me wider opportunities to fulfil my dream of supporting individuals with disabilities. My colleagues describe me as soft spoken, compassionate, kind, and eager to learn.

Fanta- Lexington, KY

Hi, my name is Fatim but everyone calls me Fanta! I currently share our home with two lovely ladies and hope to add one more. I would describe my personality as easy going, friendly, caring, fun and social. I became an FHP in 2015. Being able to help others fulfills me and makes me happy. I enjoy helping people live their best possible quality filled life.

Felix & Josephine - Lexington, KY

My name is Felix and I live with my wife Josephine and son Zachary. I have been caring for individuals with special needs for the past 11 years. I find it very rewarding being able to assist and bring smiles to the individuals I care for through love and dedication. I believe that everyone has a purpose and when given the opportunity, he/she can be productive and make an impact in the community. Believing we can help individuals achieve their goals, we have chosen to open our hearts and home to accommodate and assist them to reach their potential with respect and dignity.

Moulaye & Aoua- Lexington, KY

My name is Moulaye and I live with my beautiful wife Aoua and our twin sons. We chose to become FHPs to extend a helping hand to people who need help to experience what it is like to live life and be cared for in a family setting. We currently support a kind, sweet lady in our home. Friends joke that she is living a queen’s life because of all of the things we do with her. We enjoy traveling, eating out, and her favorite, pedicures!

Susan & Alex- Lexington, KY

Hi, we are Susan & Alexa, the proud parents of three children. We have worked in human service organizations for the past 12 years and have chosen to open our home as Family Home Providers. We have a strong religious background that provides respect and accommodation of all forms of religions and beliefs. We never miss church on Sundays and love to celebrate festivities like Thanksgiving & Christmas with friends and neighbors. We enjoy dining out, visiting the movie theatre, parks, cookouts and vacationing at least once per year!

Jennifer- Lexington, KY

My name is Jennifer and I am a mother of 2 kids. I worked as a Community Health Nurse in Ghana for 5 years and worked as a Personal Support Assistant in a residential home for almost 4years.  People call me a neatnik because I am compulsively neat! l am very dependable, dedicated and hardworking. I have now chosen to open my home as an FHP because l love having a big family and l also take delight in assisting people and putting a smile on their face.

Omar & Awa - Lexington, KY

Hi, we are Omar & Awa. We are married and proud parents! We have worked with individuals with disabilities for over a decade in various capacities. In 2015 we chose to become FHPs and care for others in our family home.

We enjoy a variety of social activities; cooking classes, shopping, musical events, and touring historical places. We also enjoy indoor games, singing karaoke, and watching movies. We go for daily walks, visit community parks in and around Lexington, bowling and soccer games. We are very passionate and dedicated to the individuals who have joined our family and hope to provide life long support to them.



Starla - Lexington, KY

Hi, my name is Starla. I am originally from Richmond, KY but moved to Lexington in 2004. I became a caregiver while attending college. In doing so, I found that I wanted to pursue a career in this field rather than my field of study. I chose to become an FHP in 2019 for a lovely lady I had worked with for many years. We have a lot of fun together exploring life!

Evelyn - Lexington, KY

Hello, l’m Evelyn from Cameroon, a single mother of a wonderful girl, and a Christian. I join Life Works in 2015 as a relief worker in a good number of houses. In 2019 I chose to become an FHP. I love taking care of people, no matter who they are or what their needs are. Having worked in the nursing home for more than five years, l know the joy it brings to someone when you give a listening ear or help to put a smile on their face. Having individuals with disabilities as part of my family is not just to help them with activities of daily life, but a way of showing love to humanity.

Rosalia - Lexington, KY

My name is Rosalia Garcia and I was born in Acapulco, Mexico. I came to the United States for a better future and to attend Missouri Valley College. I have provided direct care for eight years to both adults and children in various residential settings. I worked for Marshall Habilitation Center in Missouri for 3 years then I moved to Kentucky and worked five years in the same field before deciding to become a Family Home Provider. I am very passionate about what I do! Colleagues refer to me as hard working, flexible, a good listener, quick learner, and a good communicator. I presently support two ladies in my home and I am open to support one other female.

Hilary - Lexington, KY

Hi, my name is Hilary! I have always known I wanted to help others but was never sure where that was going to take me. When my niece was born with Cerebral palsy 13 years ago, I became very aware of the needs in our community and decided this is where I am meant to be helping.

Our little family loves life and all it has to offer! We stay on the go exploring new places and having adventures.  We also love to eat! We like to try new local places everywhere we go and try new recipes at home. When we are all worn out from our activities, we love a good movie night with our two dogs.

Sanserae - Lexington, KY

Hello! My name is Sanserae.  I’m a very kind and laid-back person who enjoys being around family and experiencing new things in life. I have chosen to be a Family Home Provider because I love helping others. I feel I have a lot to offer someone who needs support to live a better life for themselves. It warms my heart to know that I can help put a smile on someone’s face or just simply make their life better.

Our home spends a lot of time together playing cards, playing games, talking over coffee and enjoying each other’s company. We enjoy taking trips as often as we can and just going out and exploring what is going on in town.

Charlotte - Lexington, KY

Hello, my name is Charlotte and I am from a small country in East Africa called Burundi! I am passionate about my work and strive to put my best foot forward every day. From my parents, I learned to be diligent about my work and hope I have passed this along to my children. Because of my love for what I do I have a steady source of motivation that drives me to do my best.

I am a kind-hearted and caring individual who looks out for others. I try to help others in any way I can. My life has taught me to treat everyone like family and to take each day as a blessing. This philosophy led me to this line of work and has helped me support people from all backgrounds. My clients are family to me and I make sure they get treated as such.

Vivian & Godfred - Lexington, KY

My name is Vivian and I am married to Godfred. We have been blessed with a two- and half-year-old daughter, by the name Heavenly Joy. My colleagues describe me as extremely dependable, nurturing, family oriented. I pride myself on good values, my compassionate nature and 8+ years of extensive experience in providing prompt and friendly service. I am a warm-hearted individual who has good judgement and emotional maturity. I am eager to make a difference in client’s life every day.

Martha- Lexington, KY

Hi, my name is Martha. I am a Ghanaian by birth. I am a Christian and attending church is important to me. I am the proud mother of four children. Being a mom is perhaps my favorite thing. As a mom I like to extend my motherly love not only to my kids but to everyone who needs that love. I have chosen to provide FHP services in my home so others can have a home that will make them feel loved, offered help with their daily living activities and be accepted in society as a whole.

Phinehas & Sherry - Lexington, KY

My wife and I both grew up in different parts of the world with both parents taking care of people with developmental disabilities. When we met it was an easy decision for us to continue what our parents had instilled in us. It brings us so much joy to be able to do what we do for our people. They are family and part of us. We want them to enjoy life, travel and see places, feel accepted and comfortable. Seeing them walk in the house with smiles gives us such a great joy and accomplishment.

Wantrice - Lexington, KY

Hello, my name is Wantrice. I have been an FHP for 15 years for the same individual and 4 years for my other individual.  They are truly a part of our family. My daughter and my sons have also chosen to work in this field. I have 4 beautiful grandchildren and a Yorkie. On most weekends my clients and I enjoy going shopping, to see movies, bowling and to church on Sundays. Family gatherings are very important to us as well.

Mo & Fatima- Lexington, KY

Hello, I am Mo and this is my wife Fatima! We take our role as an FHP seriously and truly welcome someone into our family. We have a big, caring heart, and it helps us to bring joy to others. We chose to be an FHP because I have always enjoyed contributing and helping put smile and bring joy to others. Our role allows us to openly welcome you to our family; a family of brotherhood and adventures; a family where we can learn from one another, encourage and grow together. Every year we go on an adventurous vacation. As a family we decide collectively on our next vacation and we make it happen.

Harriet & Jonathan- Lexington, KY

My name is Harriet and l am happily married with three children. I live near Jacobson Park in Lexington. I have been a care giver for the past ten years. I love indoor and outdoor games. I love taking trips to various places of interest with my family. We also go on a yearly vacation. I am excited to open my home my home and share it with someone wonderful!

Mimi & Abdulai- Lexington, KY

Hi, my name is Memuna but everyone calls me Mimi! I am married to Abdulai. I am a native of Sierra Leone, West Africa; the land where everyone is family! I pride myself on being a wonderful mom, grand-mom and caregiver. Being an FHP as increased my passion for helping change the lives of others by giving them a sense of belonging, loving, and help achieving their dreams. I have two ladies living with me who have become members of my family. We enjoy going out to all types of events, activities, amusement parks; you name it and we will try it!

Bamba - Lexington, KY

My name is Bamba and I was born and raised in Senegal, West Africa. Coming from a family-oriented background, I was always taught that everybody needs somebody, regardless if they are family or not. I feel that my purpose in life is a caregiver, because I have always felt the need to help those that may struggle with life’s obstacles, or those that can’t help themselves.

Ten years ago I was given the opportunity to work with many people with various disabilities. I wanted them to think of me as family, rather than just a worker/employee. I have always enjoyed taking care of all of others. Assisting each individual with their specific needs is one thing, but treating them with respect, making them feel like they are family and including them in all types of events and outings such as sports, music and entertainment makes they’re presence more rewarding not only to me, but to themselves as well.

Roldine & Jean - Lexington, KY

Hi, I am Roldine and I was born and raised in Haiti. In 2001, my mom brought me to America where I had the privilege of pursuing my education and becoming a nurse. My husband and I have been married for the past 10 years with no kids. Since childhood, I have always wanted to care for others. As I grew up, I become more passionate with my dream. When I came to America, I have had the opportunity to become a CNA and started to provide care. Working as a nurse’s aid gave me the desire to continue working towards dreams. I am currently working at Northpoint Healthcare and I previously worked at Vitas Hospice for over 7 years where I had the ability to spend more time with patients. I chose to become an FHP so I could continue my passion of caring for others and helping them to live their best life possible.

Jason - Lexington, KY

Hi, my name is Jason. I have been an FHP for about 6 years now and have enjoyed the time I have spent with the clients in our home. I became an FHP because I felt I had so much I could share with others and help them to live a better life. I enjoy taking my guys out into the community and trying new and old things. Others have stated that I am a good guy with a big heart who likes to help others when I can. I consider myself to be friendly, dependable, humorous, and easy going. I live on the border of Lexington and Winchester. My home is on 5 acres and is considered a mini farm where we garden and raise about 25 chickens. We also have a Dalmatian dog so I do hope you like animals. I have males that live in my home and we like to spend time outside in the yard and having bonfires. On the weekends we like to go bowling, to church, catch a movie, and eat out. We also attend a Wednesday night dinner bible study at church, along with other many others activities like going to festivals, dances, and yard sales.

Ron - Lexington, KY

My name is Ron and I have been a Family Home Provider for Lifeworks since 2016. Currently, I have three amazing men who have lived with me for many years. I enjoy caring for others and sharing my home with them. I retired after 25 years of freelance behavioral consultation work throughout Central and Northern Kentucky prior to choosing Lifeworks. I chose Life Works because of their reputation as an outstanding program. I feel privileged doing meaningful work as a family home provider and strive to focus on the individuals’ health and happiness.

Oumie - Lexington, KY

My name is Oumie and I was born in Sukuta The Gambia, West Africa. I was raised through an extended family, which gives me the ability to love and care.

Ever since I was young, I have made the decision to work in the health care field. I believe and value that everyone deserves healthy and better living. I have worked with all kinds of people since 2003 and also lived with them. We live happily and do everything together as family. As a mother family is extremely important to me. My colleagues describe me as courteous, soft spoken, and compassionate.

DJ - Lexington, KY

Hi, my name is Daouda, but most people call me DJ! I am originally from Liberia, West Africa. I am married to my beautiful wife, Fatim. I have studied comparative law, common law and shariah law and speak multiple languages including English, Arabic, and French. I consider myself to be an easy-going person, who enjoys a peaceful environment and lots of laughter.

I love helping others in any way I can and thus chose to open my home up as a family home provider. I presently share my home with two wonderful men, assisting them with having a meaningful, fun, joyful life!

Kimberly - Lexington, KY

Hello everyone. My name is Kimberly. I am married to an amazing gentleman named Blaine and a mother of 3 beautiful children whom we’ve raised and are now living successfully on their own. We are a very loving, caring, compassionate and respectful family. We have decided to open our home to someonewho is looking to be a part of our family and want a place to truly call home.
We have a lot of love to give and pride ourselves on helping others. We live in lexington ky, in Hamburg area and are ready to be of service.If you are looking to be a part of a family that leads with love, that has your best interest at heart, where what you feel, think and have to say matters, this is definitely the place for you. Who ever you are, we look forward to meeting you. Welcome Home!!!

Stephanie - Lexington, KY

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