Mt. Sterling, KY Family Home Providers

April - Mt. Sterling, KY

Hi, I’m April! I began a career working with this amazing population as a DSP while in college. I later became a Case Manager and in 2016 I became an FHP for two wonderful ladies. I am a mother to two children, several “adopted” children (my kids’ friends are an extension of our family), and became a grandmother in 2018 to a lovely Poppy.

We enjoy traveling and going on trips, even if it’s to local artisan markets, street fairs, or across country to the Grand Canyon. Experiencing life and adventures that will build memories for years to come is a main goal in our home. We watch various travel shows, cooking shows and sporting events together and we watch for events on social media that we can attend for new and local experiences.

Linda - Mt. Sterling, KY

Hi, my name is Linda. I started as a DSP in 2004. I moved up to within the company over the next several years until becoming an FHP in 2016. I am married with 3 children.

For fun and entertainment, we like to travel, go to the movies, play video games, and just spend time together. Tim enjoys being out in the community and meeting new people so we get out as often as possible, even if it is to just shop at a local store. In the summer, we enjoy spending time at the park and watching the different sporting events.