Winchester, KY Family Home Providers

Christie - Winchester, KY

My name is Christie and I find it very rewarding to be an FHP. I have worked in many different positions in the care of our clients and have found the FHP role is where I belong. At this time, I have 3 wonderful ladies that live in our home with myself and a very silly Great Dane puppy.Our days are filled with laughter, love, and hugs. I enjoy being able to help them with their everyday life; from getting ready in the mornings to taking them out to try new things and as well as old favorites that fulfill their quality of life. At the end of the day it makes be proud to know that I have been able to be part of each of their lives and enrich their daily experiences.

Scott - Winchester, KY

Hello, I am Scott. I started working as a DSP in 2015, providing care to individuals with disabilities. I worked as a DSP for 4 years assisting in the residential and day training programs. In June of 2019, I began providing FHP services in my home and we transitioned to Life Works in September of 2019. My client and I enjoy going out on new adventures, trying new restaurants, and helping him to have more independence.

Vicki & Fred- Winchester, KY

Hi, we are Vicki & Fred. We have been FHPs for over 10 years. I have worked with individuals in day programs and residences for 10 years prior to becoming an FHP. I became an FHP first, then Fred retired and joined me. We live on a farm with cattle, goats, dogs and cats. We love being able to give our clients a family environment where they can feel love and be nurtured.

We live a pretty active lifestyle on the far. We like dine out regularly, shop, go to local events and festivals. We enjoy traveling for short trips and one big beach vacation each year. We are huge UK Wildcats fans.We also love Karaoke and hosting karaoke parties. We enjoy having cookouts and entertaining others.